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How Virtual Appointments Work

1) Set appointment
2) Appointment confirmation
3) Download Secured Mobile App
4) Upload required documents through App
5) On the time and date of your appointment click the virtual meeting button to begin meeting your tax preparer
6) Our trusted tax prepares will prepare your taxes you read and sign your tax documents
7) Your tax forms will be sent to you via email once completed
8) Receive $50 for filing with us!
9) Receive your $50 for filing with us on a Visa Gift Card for our in person clients and Cash App or Venmo for ourĀ  online customers (restrictions apply)

How Our Mobile App Works

1 Download App
2 Upload Documents
3 Our trusted tax preparers will promptly prepare your tax return
4 You will read over and sign your Tax documents
5 Your 1040s and Irs forms will be emailed to you once completed
6 Receive $50 for filing with us through cash app, venmo, paypal, mail in, pick up(restrictions apply)
H How Office Service works
1 Set appointment
2 Appointment comfirmation
3 Have all required documentation availble apon appointment arrival ( State identification, Drivers license, Social security cards for filers and dependents, W2 forms, 1099 forms, List of all Expenses for self employed.
4 Our trusted tax preperer will promptly prepare your taxes
5 Read over and sign tax documentation
6 As a thank you receive $50 for filing with us through cash app, venmo, paypal and pick up